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Six common questions asked in a job interview
Job interviews can unnerve anyone especially if it is your first. Recruiters often ask some basic questions to an interview, which may seem easy, but actually needs a lot of work. Ever wondered why do every employer asks a few set questions in an interview. BI India lists down a six such basic questions that are frequently asked and the plausible logic behind their very existence.
What makes you different from other Candidates?
How much have you really thought about your personal branding? If you are currently looking for a new job, you are very well aware that the number of people looking for jobs outnumbers the jobs that are now available. 
If you happen to be one of those job seekers, you realize that you are competing against the odds.
Looking for a Job?
Looking for a job?
Trying to get hired?
Want to get that promotion?
Leadership Begins With You
"Nothing so conclusively proves a man's ability to lead others, as what he does from day to day to lead himself." - Thomas J. Watson
Make sure your profile is found on search
When I am talking at events or running social selling classes, I am often asked why many of the social profiles created are never visited or found by search engines. To get the most value from your social media activities you need to ensure that the social profiles you create are easily found for the keywords that you are targeting. Below are a couple of basic steps you can take in order to add to your digital marketing strategy that will get you results.
The One Thing Missing from Today's Resumes
Whenever I receive an invitation from someone who has included "Looking for new opportunities" on their profile I not only accept but invite them to utilize the Librarypage on my website and invite them to send me their resume.
Recharge Your Positive Thinking and Succeed
Mindset affects everything we do. The trouble is, were not always aware of it. We tend to accept all our thoughts as facts, even the negative ones. Its time to recharge our positive thinking.
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