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By Omar Azam, Jobskey Consultancy

Your resume is your biggest investment you will make!

Investing in your resume is investing in yourself and your career. In this increasingly competitive job market, you must have a professionally crafted resume in order to stand out among the hundreds of job seekers applying for the same position as you-it's no longer an option. Is your homemade resume ready to make the cut? You work hard everyday. You've spent years acquiring the skills needed to outperform the competition-and make no mistake about it-this is a competition. Don't let a single mistake misrepresent years of hard work. Remember, only 10 seconds can decide your future. Regardless of your professional and educational background, your career will be summed up in the blink of an eye on a single piece of paper. Communicating your qualifications effectively is harder than you think. The purpose of your resume is to make a good first impression, and if you cannot achieve this goal, then your chances of an interview are virtually impossible.
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