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Make sure your profile is found on search
By David Duncan

Identify the keywords you want to be found for

Think about the search terms that your ideal client will be using when searching for your product or service, then use that to create a list. Use a keyword tool like the one on Google or use an alternative like to establish a list of targeted keywords that you want to be found for.

Keyword Placement

Place keywords in the important places of your profile or posting. If you are targeting a specific keyword on your website or blog to generate traffic, make sure these same keywords appear in your profile in areas such as titles, headlines, biographical paragraph, description of your business and past positions etc. If you use keywords consistently it allows you to control what searches you are likely to be found for.

Linking Strategy

Always make sure you are linking back to specific pages on your website, so include those links where it makes sense to do so. You should also try to make sure that the actual link page on your website or blog is very descriptive and contains the keywords you are targeting whether that is your name or relevant keywords.  

Remember that if you visit a prospect and they do a search on your name to get some background information once you have left them, you need to make sure they find excellent relevant content easily. This is where your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social channels will be found.

Social media profiles offer more ways for potential customers to find you, so make sure you make the most of the opportunity. If you would like a review of your social profiles or strategy please get in touch - schedule an appointment or a call with me here David Duncan

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