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Recharge Your Positive Thinking and Succeed
By Unknown

What we think and believe matters deeply, because it will either encourage us or discourage us. What we believe can make the difference between giving up and finishing when life gets tough.

I’ve been reading, “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz, PHD and I highly recommend you read it.

When you believe something is impossible, your mind goes to work for you to prove why. But when you believe, really believe, something can be done, your mind gets to work for you and helps you find the ways to do it.

~ David Schwartz, PHD, The Magic of Thinking Big

You can reframe your thinking.

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One of the most important things I do as a coach is to help job seekers reframe their thinking.

It is thinking that causes job seekers to focus on reasons an employer won’t hire them, and also reasons they aren’t the right person for the job.

Some of the reasons include:

  • Age – too young or too old
  • Degree – not a high enough degree or over qualified
  • Experience – not enough or too much
  • Economy – not enough jobs or demand for my occupation is low
  • Screening – can’t talk to a person or can’t get by the computer screen

Are you qualifying or disqualifying yourself?

For instance a man the other day was qualified for a job, but his thinking was, “I can’t compete. I am at a real disadvantage because I am older. There are so many people right out of college that employers can hire cheaper, and they have the latest training in my field.”

As we chatted, I began to list all the reasons he could complete! He needed some positive thinking.

Get the Positive Thinking Worksheet

Here is the reality – his maturity, experience, and years of getting results made him a great candidate. Whatever skills he needed to update, he could do something about that… take a class!

I said, “You have the distinct advantages of maturity, expertise, experience, and years of proven results. You need to emphasize them when speaking with employers. Your resume needs to shout, ‘PICK ME!'”

Just hearing me say those things, he was encouraged to take action again.

Imagine you can.

If you are frustrated and believe you can’t do something, you will eventually give up. Now imagine if you told yourself all the reasons you could do a thing. How much better would that feel!

Imagine if, after hearing me say those true and positive advantages, the gentleman starts to remind himself of them daily.

He starts to add to the list of things he can do and advantages he does have. Once he does this, he is 2/3 of the way to having the job he applies for.

Recharge your positive thinking.

I’m not saying it is easy to do. It really is a lot of work. But it is worthwhile work. You are worth investing in.

There are so many opportunties out there to take advantage of. All you need is one. One person to see the value you have to offer their company.

Start by convincing yourself.

Start by convincing yourself. As you go about your day, try to become more aware of the stories you tell yourself.

Are your stories serving you well? Is there another side, a more positive side to the thoughts you listen to?

Start to write down the positive thoughts as they come. As you focus on what you can do, you will recharge your ability to succeed.

Get the Positive Thinking Worksheet

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